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As a bike helmet supplier, safety is our top priority and helmet sizing plays an important role in the effectiveness of a helmet. Helmets should be fitted depending on current sizing, not the future. Also, helmets that were impacted in a crash are damaged and should no longer be used. Wearing hats underneath a helmet reduces the effectiveness and should be avoided when determining the correct helmet size.

Steps to Properly Fit a Bike Helmet:


  • Helmet must fit snuggly
  • Helmet should not rock back and forth, forward or back
  • Fill in areas that are loose with extra padding provided with helmet, or use sizing adjustor to achieve the proper fit


  • Helmet should sit about 1-2 finger lengths above brow line
  • When wearing the helmet, it should be visible when looking up


  • Straps should form a “Y” just underneath the ears
  • Adjustments can be made on the sides to achieve the proper fit

Chin Buckle

  • Make sure the chin strap is snug only allowing a finger or two to fit between chin and strap
  • Mouth should be able to open and close while wearing the helmet